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FTCE Florida Art Test


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FTCE Florida Art K-12 Exam Study Guide

Aspiring artisans who seek to teach art in the Florida State need to take the Florida Teacher Certification Art Exam (FTCAE).This exam is conducted by the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) board and eligible candidates who pass the FTCE Art Exam is given certification. This exam assesses the competencies and the efficiency to teach of the candidates. The FLDOE board offers to types of certification: Temporary certification, which is non-renewable; and Professional Certification, which can be renewed after five academic years.

The candidates should be proficient in any of the competency areas listed by the board, such as knowledge in the processes of drawing, painting and sculpting.

Eligibility for FTCE Art Examination in Florida State

To appear in the FTCE Art Exam, candidates have to fulfil the eligibility criteria listed by the FLDOE. For both certifications, candidates need a bachelor degree. Temporary certificate applicants need to have a 2.5 GPA in the subject while on the other hand; professional certificate applicants are required to be specialized in the subject. The professional certificate is valid for five academic years while the temporary certificate is valid for only three academic years. Renewal is only available for professional certifications and temporary certification applicants have to apply for professional certification to be able to continue teaching.

Format of FTCE Art Examination

The FTCE Art Exam offers various competency levels in order to prepare for the exam. FTCE Art Exam involves the following topics:

•  Drawing

•  Painting

•  Sculpturing

•  Print making

•  Ceramics

•  Fine craft

•  Graphic design

•  Photography

•  Use of computer technology in art

•  Influence of culture and history on art

•  Influence of society on art

•  Visual arts and etc.

These topics are very crucial so the candidate should study them thoroughly. The FTCE Art Exam includes 120 multiple choice questions. Candidates get 150 minutes to complete the FTCE Art Exam. The multiple choice questions have different formats, such as direct questioning, command based questioning, sentence completion, and scenario. Accuracy is essential for the candidates as they challenge the 

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FTCE Art K-12 Secrets

FTCE Art K-12 Secrets

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FTCE Art K-12 Flashcard

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