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CSET Social Science Exam

CSET Social Science

CSET Social Science Exam Study Guide

A board which gives credentials to the teachers who clears the exam conducted by same is the CSET or California Subject Examination for Teachers. The branches of social sciences should be well versed by the candidate. A test which checks candidate’s cognitive skills and knowledge in the exam is the CSET Social Science Exam. CSET Social Science Exam consists of three sub test. In order to get the certification, candidate has to clear in all three sub tests. The candidate has to appear again in the respective test after 45 days if the candidate fails to pass in any of the test. Score of CSET Social Science Exam is valid for 5 years.

Eligibility for CSET Social Science Exam

Candidate has to satisfy all the eligibility criteria listed by CSET board to appear for CSET Social Science Exam. In order to get his application approved by the board, candidate has to prove his competency. Credentials from CSET board is of high importance if the candidate seeks the opportunity to teach students of middle and secondary classes. Since it is mandatory for the candidate to pass in all three sub test in order to get the certification, the candidate should prepare well for CSET Social Science Exam.

Format of CSET Social Science Exam

A measure of candidate’s excellence in the subject is the CSET Social Science Exam. World history, Californian and United States history, concepts of democracy in American, Economic system and concepts of geography are topics included in CSET Social Science Exam. Civilizations in ancient, medieval and modern period, American war of independence, civil war, World War II, civil system and political system, natural defense and landscapes of the country etc. are more in depth topics to be included in CSET Social Science Exam. Hence candidate should prepare it accordingly, CSET Social Science Exam covers objective as well as subjective question. Hence candidate should attempt more and more question to score more, there is no negative marking for wrong answers. The entire score of candidate is converted on the scale of 300 out of which 200 is the minimum marks.

Scope of CSET Social Science Exam

An assessment of candidate’s rationale and mind to teach the students various branches of society and its development is the CSET Social Science Exam. Since subjective answer is evaluated by the educator hired by CSET board, candidate should try to be concise and to the point while giving the answers.

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