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CSET Multiple Subjects Exam

CSET Multiple Subjects Exam

CSET Multiple Subjects Exam Study Guide

The California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) is an exam that allows educators to prove their competency on a certain subject field. Passers are granted certification from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) which will allow educators to legally teach in the state. The CSET Multiple Subjects Exam measures educator’s cognitive skills and knowledge in the field which will determine if he/she is qualified for a teaching position. The exam is made up of four subtests and examinees have to pass all four subtests to be eligible for a certification. If an examinee fails to pass a certain subtest, he/she is allowed to retake the exam after a period of 45 days. Score for the CSET Multiple Subjects Exam are valid for a period of 5 years.

Eligibility for CSET Multiple Subjects Exam

To be eligible to take the CSET Multiple Subjects Exam, candidates have to first fulfil certain eligibility criterion presented by the board. Only after satisfying these conditions will the candidate be allowed to take the exam. Applicants are required to obtain certain competencies and skills in the subject in which they is supposed to take. Generally, the credential of the CSET is for the teachers who are interested to teach in the middle and secondary grades. Aspiring educators should be well-prepared for the CSET Multiple Subjects Exam since two subtests are required to be passed so as to obtain certification.

Format of CSET Multiple Subjects Exam

The CSET Multiple Subjects Exam assesses the educator’s strength and capabilities to be a multi-dimensional teacher. The exam covers topics such as: English, Mathematics, Social science, Science, Visual and performing arts, Health and physical education. Subtopics included from these subjects are: literary, written and oral communication and literary texts from English Language subject, world and United States history, Californian history from social science, number system, algebra, geometry, statistics and probability from mathematics, physical science, life science, geosciences from science, dance, music, theatre from visual and performing arts.

Questions are of multiple-choice and subjective formats hence the examinee should not only have a decent knowledge base and good decision-making skills, but also a good writing sense. The highest score possible for the exam is 300 points while a minimum of 220 marks is needed to pass the exam and be eligible for a certification.

Scope of CSET Multiple Subjects Exam

The CSET Multiple Subjects Exam includes a writing test wherein examinees are required to write his/her answer in sentence form, providing a brief explanation for the answer. Markings are done by an assigned educator from the board. This part of the exam contributes greatly to the overall scoring hence examinees should prepare for this part as well.

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