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CSET Health Science Exam

CSET Health Science Exam

CSET Health Science Exam Study Guide

The California Subject Examination for Teacher (CSET) is a certification exam that determines which educators are qualified to take a teaching position in the state of California. Applicants must have sufficient knowledge in the field and an exceptional skillset in order to prove their worth to the educational board. The CSET Health Science Exam consists of three subtests and applicants are required to pass all subtests. If an applicant fails to pass a specific subtest, he/she is given the chance to retake the exam but only after a period of 45 days. Scores for the CSET Health Science Exam are valid for 5 years.

Eligibility for CSET Health Science Exam

To be eligible to take the CSET Health Science Exam, applicants should first meet all eligibility conditions listed by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) board. Applicants must prove their competencies to the board before applying for the exam. The certification also serves as a credential for educators who wish to teach in the middle and secondary grades. Above all, educators must prepare well for the exam as it will be the greatest factor that will affect the attainment of a certification.

Format of CSET Health Science Exam

The CSET Health Science Exam measures candidates’ knowledge and competencies in the subject area. Topics included in the exam are: health education, human development, types of diseases, balanced diet and fitness, importance of emotional healthiness, drugs and its impact, family relationships, community and self-health, healthy environment, foundations of human anatomy and biology, psychology of human, communicable and non-communicable disease, body fitness and health, drug abuse and its side effects on the body, human reproduction and health, environment and personal health etc.

Applicants should study hard for the exam as the topics are quite vast. A study guide will definitely help a reviewer cope with these wide-ranged topics. The CSET Health Science Exam contains several multiple-choice questions and constructive-response type questions hence examinees must have both knowledge and understanding to pass the exam. Marking is done by special educators from the board itself. The maximum exam score is capped on 300 and a minimum of 220 marks is needed to be able to attain a certification.

Scope of CSET Health Science Exam

The CSET Health Science Exam assesses educators’ rationale and purposive nature in teaching the subject to students of middle and secondary grades. The certification serves as credentials to educators who are interested in teaching at the middle and secondary levels.

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