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GLEIM CPA Exam Review for Students trying to prepare for their test with confidence!

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Destroy your CPA Test

Prepare for your CPA test from a company that has over 40 years of experience helping students rocks their accounting exam!  In case if you are wondering who GLEIM is, this particular company is one of the companies that Rome Wells found to be used quiet often by students who are preparing for their accounting exam.  

For some reason many students prefer GLEIM company to study for their CPA exam as I continue describing benefits of what GLEIM has to offer you will see what these reasons are. 


Here is what Rome Wells likes about GLEIM CPA Exam Review product


  1. It provides FREE 18 month demo course, giving you unlimited access to an entire study unit for AUD, BEC, FAR, and REG.  This is what I call super Trial super deal if you ask me!
  2. It's packed with loads of different options and resources to help you destroy your exam!
  3. It offers digital books, printed books, audio lectures for students who like to drive a lot and listen while driving, test banks for students who want to reinforce themselves with extra practice and more!


What options GLEIM offers to students?

Well first of all it offers kick ass FREE CPA demo shown here. Rome Wells definitely recommends you to check it out if you are not sure about what the course has to offer.  You got nothing to lose it's FREE to try.




Second of all it offers flexible options for students on the budget!

Mega Test Bank option 1


One of these options is the killer deal that students may get when it comes to practicing for their exams.  Here is what comes with this traditional option, when it comes to preparing for CPA.


  • Physical copies of our books
  • Largest test bank of questions on the market: includes MCQs and simulations (TBSs & DRSs)
  • Authentic Exam Day Emulation

Although mega test option maybe favorible for some students it's not necessarily the best option for some students, especially the ones that find entire concepts of reading difficult.  Some students prefer to intercombine their methods of studying with more then just reading books and looking at MCQs and simulations with TBSs & DRSs). 

This method I would say is best for students who already had some exposure to some relevant theory books, and spent their good share of studying and rapidly preparing using multiple resources. 

Questions on Mega Test Bank are extremely comprehensive with tons of them!

Mega Test bank is indeed very comprehensive, it has lots and i mean lots of questions and simulations, designed to provide test taker with great level of understanding about the exam structure.  The cool part about the mega test bank option is that it provides authentic exam day emulation, giving you the look and feel of an actual exam, to see how well you can do, helping you determine whether or not you are ready for an actual test or not.

In summary this is what you would get for Mega Test Bank Learning Option





Verdict If you got what it takes and have 1k to spend and confident that you have enough theory in your brain to be able to understand what each question actually means, then definitely consider mega test bank option.

However my personal preference would be this option


This option is more appealing to me, simply because i am the type of guy who is not convinced with just physical books, when it comes to preparing for my exam.  I do not want to be taking risk with my state board exam and end up getting stuck on some questions simply because i wasn't able to fully understand the theory behind what the question really asked me.   The cool part about this traditional method of preparing for CPA is the fact that it comes with more then just books. 

It has way to access digital and physical copies of books, audio lectures for students who like to drive in the car and listen to CPA instructor talking and online course reinforcing content knowledge area of expertise.  I don't know about you, but if I had to decide whether I can pay 1k or $234 dollars more, I would rather pay $234 dollars extra, but get a heck of a lot more.  No brainer decision here.


If you have enough money to spend and ok with simply paying a bit more and getting a heck of a lot more then, you may want to consider traditional approach when it comes to perparing for your CPA exam!


Best Choice Premium Option





Premium option is truly the best option in comparison to all other options that GLEIM offers



It has over 100 hours of detailed video lectures, often it's very important to not just read books, but actually watch reinforcing videos, this often helps students to feel like they are not just studying on their own, and be more confident when preparing for their CPA Test.   Plus GLEIm even offers Access until you pass Guarantee! 

Not something everyone offers, and in fact if you don't pass you still have access that means you don't end up having to buy some other test prep material in case if it took you longer than expected to prepare for this test! 

Also another cool thing that is offered on the table is assistance from the accounting experts.  Often students have questions that simply require answers, many times other companies don't provide such options, but GLEIM does, giving you better and more confident way to prepare!


In summary Premium options has the following benefits


  • Digital and physical copies of our books
  • Largest test bank of questions on the market: includes MCQs and simulations (TBSs & DRSs)
  • Authentic Exam Day Emulation
  • Online Review Course
  • Gleim Instruct Video Lecture Series: over 100 hours of in-depth coverage
  • Access Until You Pass® Guarantee
  • Personal Counselors: your very own exam mentor
  • Access to Accounting Experts
  • Free Shipping (Domestic to contiguous 48 states)
  • Audio Lectures (Streaming or MP3)
  • Full-Length Exam Rehearsal
  • Interactive Study Planner
  • Package Value: $2,069.75


Verdict:  Pay a bit more but get a lot a lot a lot more!

So what are you waiting for click here to check out what else GLEIM has to offer!

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