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Calculus Great Alternative to Local Tutoring

calc course alternative to local tutoring
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Calculus Course Description

This E-Course covers Calculus subject in great details it's consider Level 1 type of Calculus, however for most of the students Level 1 Calculus is way more the enough to study from in order to do well in their Calculus Class.

Here is what we think about this course

This Calculus E-Course is way better alternative to local tutoring and is very affordable.  In fact so affordable that many students who visit this page never bother wanting to get a local or online tutor.

How can this Couse help you?

       Although hiring local tutor has it's own benefits, in some cases it may not be feasible espeically for students with low income, fortunately Tutoring Services, LLC has partnered up with multiple tutoring vendors to deliver alterantive learning options for our Calculus subject.  We Believe Education should be affordable.  

        This course that you are seeing here covers major sections of Derivatives, Rate Of Change.Continuity, Limits  and many other topics. When studying for this course consider your self that you just saved your self $100 to $125 per hour on a local Calculus Home Tutor.

       Another great benefit for this course is that it's online you do not have to worry about scheduling  or availability with local or online tutor, instead you simply watch the Calculus e-course on your own at your own leasure time and save tons of money on local tutoring expenses. 


Want to know more?

Click here to view video course preview and more info about this calculus e-course.

Other Calc Resources you may want to consider

Cheapest Calc Books

Of course we also recommed reviewing for your Calculus class with more then just this course, but also with affordable Calculus Books, we have managed to list many of them here. You can search for many cheap books from multiple book stores.  We suggest you study from multiple resources not just this course to improve your chances of doing well in your Calculus Math Class.

Local Tutors

     Our company doesn't just help students pick best study resources for their Calculus class, we also help students get better grades by helping them matched with local tutors (residing in CT, NY, NJ, Fairfield, Westchester, New Haven and Bergen County)

     In fact if you have a budget in mind don't hesitate to cotnact us by email at and feel free to ask us help you find one reliable local tutor.

We have 2 calc tutoring options for students to chose from

Option 1. Get local tutor with help of our Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor Agency (small agency comission fee applies)

Option 2. Do not work with our agency and instead find independent tutor on your own through our sister site (no agency recurring fee)  Both options have advantages and disadvantages depending on how much money you can afford for a tutor.   However if interested in option.

What is covered in this Calculus course?