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AEPA Reading Endorsement 6-12 (47)

AEPA Reading Endorsement 6-12

Ace Your Important Teaching Certification for AEPA

The AEPA teaching certification test or the Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessment teaching licensure exam can be taken by individuals who are interested in getting their own teaching license to start employment in schools and other educational institutions. The AEPA Reading Endorsement 6-12 (47) examination is one of the subject tests that allow takers to earn a valid license to get them started on their teaching career.

The Reading Endorsement 6-12 (47) examination has 100 selected-response questions and a written performance assignment. It is a computer-based test that can be finished within a three-hour and 30-minute time frame. This particular exam focuses on the following sub-areas:

  • Theoretical and Research Foundations
  • Assessment, Instruction and Leadership Foundations
  • Literacy Assessment in Grades 6-12
  • Essential Elements of 6-12 Literacy Instruction and Intervention
  • Content-Area Literacy in Grades 6-12

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AEPA Reading Endorsement 6-12

AEPA Reading Endorsement 6-12 (47) Secrets Study Tool

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