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AEPA Principal Test (181 and 281)

AEPA Principal

Start Your Teaching Career with the AEPA Licensure Exam

Earning a good teaching career can be possible if you take the needed teaching licensure exam to get the needed credential to let you in on the teaching industry. The Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments or AEPA allows aspiring teachers to practice their profession in the state by testing their knowledge and competencies fit to be in the industry.

The AEPA Principal (181 and 182) certification test is only one of the many subjects in the AEPA teaching licensure exam. This exam comprises of two subtests with 50 selected-response questions and 2 written performance assignments for each subtest that can be taken for three hours and 30 minutes each. The sub areas for these two tests include:

The AEPA Principal test comprises of 100 selected-response questions. It is a computer-based test that can be completed for 2 hours and 30 minutes. Exam fee costs $140 for each subtest including $105 test fee and $35 registration processing fee. The exam’s subject areas include:

  • Playwriting, Performance and Direction of Dramatic Works
  • Design, Production and Management of Dramatic Works
  • Theater History and Dramatic Literature
  • Theater Education

Understanding How the AEPA Test Works and the Best Study Tools for AEPA

Be ahead in the teaching industry by passing your AEPA teaching licensure exam! Get the best study aids for AEPA now and start working on your core competencies to earn your license to practice your profession. Check out the available study aids for AEPA today!

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AEPA Principal

AEPA Principal (181 and 281) Secrets

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AEPA Principal

AEPA Principal (181 and 281) Flashcard

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