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Biology 0235 | 5235 Flash Cards for Content Knowledge Test IPAD

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PRAXIS II BIOLOGY (0235) Comprehensive Study Guide and Flashcards    

We offer the most comprehensive Biology PRAXIS Review on the market today. Our comprehensive study guide and flashcards will cover every topic on the exam. It has been proven to increase scores significantly. We offer the most inclusive study material. Let’s face it, we all have seen it on study-aid books: “Beat the Test”, “Trick the Test”, or “Test shortcuts”. Truth of the matter: this is a waste of your much-needed studying time. Here is why: according to ETS, the maker of the PRAXIS exam, “You cannot trick your way to a high score. The best use of your study time is to make sure you know what is covered on the test and to review topics you do not know well” (ETS). This is where we come in.

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PRAXIS II Biology Flashcards

  • 407 Flashcards covering every subject on the PRAXIS exam
    • Basic Principles of Science: 50 Flashcards
    • Molecular and cellular Biology: 75 Flashcards
    • Classic Genetics and Evolution: 85 Flashcards
    • Diversity of life, plants, and animals: 100 Flashcards
    • Plants: 50 Flashcards
    • Ecology: 40 Flashcards
    • Science, Technology, and Society: 7 Flashcards
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  • Desktop/ iOS/ Andriod
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